cropped-aceicon11.jpgYou are welcome to join us as we practice essenic communion, peace contemplation, and fruitarian and vegan natural-wellness lifestyle at our Lakeside Fruitarian and Vegan Potluck on the 4th Sunday at 6-8pm.

We say our communions and peace contemplation in the present tense, “I am”, meaning, “I am one with”, but shortened for immediate realization:
β€œI am earth, sun, air, water, fruit, life, joy.”
β€œI am peace in mind, body, family, society, culture, earth, universe.”
β€œI am love, peace, strong, wise, creative, eternal, universe.”

Abbey Church Essene was founded by Reverend Pastor Martha A. Muehe who studied Essene Ministry via The Essene New Life Church Mount Shasta CA and Divinity via Universal Life Church Modesto CA and based on ancient Essene teachings includingΒ The Essene Gospel of Peace and From Enoch to the Dead Sea ScrollsΒ by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

Volunteer help is appreciated.

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