Abbey Church Essene is based on ancient Essene teachings including Essene-communion, peace-contemplation, and natural wellness lifestyle as told in The Essene Gospel of Peace and From Enoch to the Dead Sea ScrollsΒ (translations of Dead Sea Scrolls stored in the Vatican) by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and simplified by Rev. Pr. Martha A. Muehe who studied Essene Ministry at The Essene New Life Church, Mount Shasta, CA and Divinity at Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA.

Lakeside Fruitful Vegan Potluck 6-8pm Last-Sunday/Month. If you can; bring fruit, veggies, or raw-vegan or vegan dish. Light refreshments will be provided. (RSVP for directions and weather/parking updates. GPS/maps may err. Allow time for reply.)

β€œI am earth, sun, air, water, fruit, life, joy.”
β€œI am peace in mind, body, family, society, culture, earth, universe.”
β€œI am love, peace, energy, wisdom, creativity, eternal, universe.”
-Rev. Martha A. Muehe

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