Lakeside Fruitarian & Vegan Potluck 4th-Sunday/Month 6-8pm Bring fruit, veggies, or raw-vegan or vegan dish. RSVP: 978-912-0729 for directions and weather/parking updates. GPS/maps may err. Allow time for reply (ie: 2-24 hours).


Attend our potlucks to share friendship and food. Bring fruit, garden-salad, or raw-vegan or vegan dish. Some easy recipes are at: .

Examples of Foods (or ingredients in dish) to bring:
Berries: autumn, blue, black, goji, mul, rasp, straw, wheat, etc.
Fruits (sweet): apple, apricot, banana, berry, cherry, date, fig, grape, kiwi, mango, melon, orange, papaya, peach, pear, plum, pomegranate, etc.
Fruits (non-sweet): cranberry, cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, lime, pepper, squash, tomato.
Fruits (fatty): avocado, durian, olive.
Fruits (wild): apple, autumn berry, cherry, etc.
Greens (leafy): arugula, celery, kale, lettuce, romaine, spinach, etc.
Greens (wild): wild spinach (lambs quarters), wild dandelion, etc.
Nuts: almond, brazil, cashew, coconut, macadamia, pecan, walnut, etc.
Seeds: cacao, chia, flax, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, etc.
Vegetables: beet, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, sweet potato, etc.

Some Related Definitions:
Fruit mono-meal: Eat one type of fruit until full (ie: bananas or melons).
Organic foods: NO herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc;
Raw-vegan foods: Fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains.
Raw foods: NOT cooked, baked, roasted, pasteurized, or heated above 108 degrees.
Vegan foods: NO animal flesh meat, fowl, fish, eggs, animal milk or dairy products (lactose, casein, whey, yogurt, cheese, cream, etc), or honey.
Warming globe: 18%-51% greenhouse gas pollution is from animal factory farms. CH4 (methane) is 25 times worse than CO2 .
Wild foods: Roots go deeper for more nutrients, acclimated to environment, hardy.

Raw-Vegan Food or Ingredient Info or Tip:
Agave nectar: labeled “raw” (still questionable?) – from agave cactus root
Almonds: from Spain or Utah are raw, from California are pasteurized (heated).
Avocado (Hass): ripe when purple and slightly soft on top near where stem was
Bananas: ripe when spotted the more the better – ripen faster in bag or container
Bitter flavor: dill, parsley, basil, cilantro fresh or dried (confirm drying temp if you want)
Braggs Liquid Aminos: live/fermented from cooked soybeans
Brazil Nuts: high in DHEA essential-fatty-acid
Cashews: said to be slightly boiled to remove skins – not 100% raw
Coconut (Young Thai): available at Asian markets
Coconut oil: said to withstand up to 400*F without going rancid
Daylily: wild edible flower high in vitamin C helps digest greens
Durian: available at Asian markets
Fruits: eat raw ripe fresh – ripe when dark, soft, cracked, or fallen off vine, bush, tree
Grains: will sprout if raw (test spout some if you want)
Hemp Seeds: said to not contain enzyme inhibitors and not need soaking
Honey: labeled “raw” (light color) NOT vegan.
Kimchi: live/fermented and raw (easy to make)
Kiwi: ripe when soft
Kombucha: live/fermented
Maple Syrup: is always boiled down – not raw but is vegan
Miso: live/fermented from cooked soybeans
Nama Shoyu: live/fermented may be from raw soybeans (?)
Nori sheets: purple when raw (green when toasted) – also see label
Nutritional Yeast: cultured heated protein glutamate (like MSG?) B12 added
Nuts: labeled “raw” – best to soak to deactivate enzyme inhibitors and eat with greens
Oil: if “cold-pressed”
Olives: labeled “raw”
Palm Sugar: air-dried nectar from coconut tree flowers
Pineapple: ripe when top part pulls out easily, ripen upside-down for uniform sweetness
Salt flavor: celery, dulse, kelp, dill, nori, or celtic sea salt & himalayan (more natural)
Seeds: labeled “raw” – will sprout if raw (test sprout if you want)
Sour flavor: use lemon, lime, or labeled raw organic apple cider vinegar
Soy Sauce: live/fermented from cooked soybeans
Spicy flavor: Pepper (Cayenne, Jalapeno, Chili) fresh or dried (confirm temps if u want)
Stevia: powder or leaf
Sweet flavor: bananas, dates, raisins, palm-sugar, stevia, etc
Sweet fruits: soak to rehydrate or drink water with & eat greens for teeth
Vegetables: eat raw ripe fresh
Vinegar: if labeled “raw”
Watermelon: ripe when large white spot underneath is darkish yellowish, when tapped on makes a hollow sound not a low thud (too ripe)