Abbey Church Essene House Rules

1. Only fruitarian, raw vegan, and vegan foods are allowed on property.
2. Keep peace at all times (especially sundown to sunrise).
3. In AM say, “I am earth, sun, air, water, fruit, life, joy.”
4. At Noon say: “I am peace in mind, body, family, society, culture, earth, universe.”
5. In PM say, “I am peace, love, strong, wise, creative, eternal, universe.”
6. Read: Essene Gospel of Peace, From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Interfaith Minister’s Manual, 80/10/10, Starch Solution. (for Ministerial Ordination)
7. Sunbathe (at least face, hand, or feet) daily preferably barefoot grounded.
8. Practice breathing exercises.
9. Keep common areas clean.
10. Compost and recycle.
11. No smoking, alcohol, drugs. Subject to random testing.
12. No guests (except with written permission in advance).
13. No bullying, name calling, picking on, laughing at, making fun of.
14. No mail privileges.
15. Room and personal belongings may be inspected any time without notice.
16. The house rules may be updated at any time without notice.
17. Patience is required for ongoing house repair or rehab.
18. Volunteer work is expected (minimum 1 hour per week) and appreciated.
19. Unlawful activity or breaking house rule is grounds for immediate expulsion without notice.

I have read and agree to the above rules.

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