House Rules

Abbey Church Essene House Rules

1. Only fruitarian, raw-vegan, and vegan foods are allowed on property.
2. Keep quiet from sundown to sunrise. Use of kitchen and all shared areas is limited to the hours between 8am-8pm. Lights out and exterior doors locked by 9pm.
3. Keep common areas clean and free of personal items.
4. Compost and recycle as much as possible.
5. No smoking, alcohol, drugs, animal meats/milk/eggs. Subject to random testing.
6. No guests (except on rare occasion with Application approval).
7. Practice kindness. No bullying, name calling, picking on, laughing at, making fun of.
8. No mail privileges. (Previous address may be given to USPS or any business.)
9. Room and personal belongings may be inspected anytime without notice.
10. Patience is required and appreciated for ongoing house repair or rehab.
11. Volunteer work is appreciated and expected of Work Exchange Guest (approx 2 hours per weekdays usually between the hours of 9am and Noon but varies).
12. Allergenic/sensitive foods, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, cleaning products, and matches, candles, and cooked-foods may be limited or prohibited.
13. I agree to random room entrance without notice for inspection for safety hazards, cleanliness, illegal substances, allergenic products or repairs, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
14. I agree to immediate expulsion without notice for any false/incomplete application, disturbing the peace, or being loud, rude, discourteous, abusive, unlawful, etc.
15. I authorize verification of information and Criminal Records Background Check.
16. I enter property at my own risk.
17. Breaking law or house rule is grounds for immediate expulsion without notice.
18. The house rules may be updated at any time without notice.

I have read and agree to the above rules. Signed under penalties of perjury.

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