Monastery Application

Print, complete and email, mail, or bring copy with your photo identification and copy, and a $25 non-refundable processing fee.

Date of Birth:
Motor Vehicle Registration, Make, Model:

Doctor, Phone:

Emergency Contact, Phone:

Currant Address, Owner, Phone:
Date From:
Previous Address, Owner, Phone:
Dates From/To:

Currant Employer, Phone:
Date From:
Previous Employer, Phone:
Dates From/To:

Name, Address, Phone:
Name, Address, Phone:

Use of kitchen and shared areas, allergenic/sensitive foods, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, cleaning products, matches, candles, and cooked-foods may be limited or prohibited. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, animal flesh meats, milk, and eggs are prohibited.

I agree to random room inspection without notice for safety hazards, cleanliness, illegal substances, allergenic products, etc. I agree to room entrance without notice at any time for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

I agree to immediate eviction and removal from property without notice for any false or incomplete statements on application or during interview, breaking House Rules (, and any loud, rude, discourteous, abusive, unlawful, restricted, or prohibited behavior, disturbing the peace, use of allergenic or restricted products, etc. Fair refund may apply at the discretion of management.

I agree I do not have mail privileges and management may provide my address to USPS or any business on my behalf.

I authorize verification of information and Criminal Records Background Check. I enter property at my own risk. Signed under penalties of perjury.
Signature of Applicant: